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SB064 – Club Subsidised Competition Levy Policy

Shelly Beach Surf Lifesaving Club (SBSLSC) takes pride in supporting its members in all aspects of Surf Life Saving and views Competition as a pivotal part of its future Surf Life Saving capability, member retention and community standing.
This policy sets out to create a framework for subsidising members in the Seniors (Under 15s through to, and including the Open competitors of Shelly Beach Surf Club) The age bracket for Opens is as per the definition of SLS NSW and/or SLSA.
SBSLSC acknowledges that this age group can be faced with challenges brought on by work, study and social pressures and views this policy as a way in which to engage, acknowledge and support these members during this phase of their lives.
SBLSSC also views this policy as means in which to provide, encourage and support a pathway for younger members to identify and follow a pathway from the Junior program through to Masters with Life Saving being the emphasis.
This policy applies equally to females as it does to males.
SBSLSC encourages all members to partake in competition and Life Saving activities.
Special mention to Tom Simpson for raising the idea last year and thanks to the group of dedicated volunteers in the Sub Committee for working to what I believe is a fair and equitable outcome for our members.
This policy comes into effect the day prior to State Championships. This means that any Cadet or Open who has paid their entry fee will be reimbursed.

2017/2018 Registrations

“2017/2018 Registrations
Our 1st nipper day was held last Sunday 8/10/17. It is still not too late to Register your child for nippers. Nippers must have turned 5 by 30/9/17.
We will be holding Registrations this Sunday 15/10 between 8.00am and 8.30am for new members. Cut off time is to allow members to be added to weekly sheets for nipper start time of 9am.
We will not be taking new registrations the following week 22/10.

Any members wishing to join can contact our Registrar – Leisa Griffin on 0404 487 517 or email mlgriff@bigpond.net.au to register electronically or on line. I am happy to forward our Membership Forms.

Regards Leisa Griffin