CAFE Expression of Interest (EOI) 2021


Expression of Interest (EOI) – The Café

In accordance with the policy for Licensing of Crown Land of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (Policy Number: IND-O-252) and in providing an open and transparent procurement process, the Shelly Beach Surf Life Saving Club (SBSLSC) is inviting businesses to respond to this Expression of Interest (EOI) to operate and maintain the café (currently named Munchas Café and Catering) located downstairs of SBSLSC’s premises located at Shelly Beach Road, Shelly Beach on the NSW Central Coast.


SBSLSC has been serving the local community for over 50 years. In 2011 SBSLSC opened the doors of its newly built state of the art premises which consist of a restaurant upstairs – “The Balcony” which caters from lunch and dinner and a bar that is owned and operated by SBSLSC, and the café downstairs for which EOIs are sought. The successful candidate will be responsible for the purchase and fit out of the kiosk equipment and any relative expenses. The successful candidate should note that a separate rental fee applies to the outdoor seating area of the café which is to be paid to directly to Central Coast Council.

Please refer to the floor plans using the following link:

The Café  

We are seeking responses from candidates interested in operating the café. We aim to shortlist a maximum of 4 candidates that will progress through to the Request for Proposal (RFP) stage prior to finalising a contract with the successful candidate.

Selection Criteria

For the EOI stage, SBSLSC is interested in receiving proposals that address the following selection criteria:
  • Proven ability and experience in establishing and operating a café and/or catering business;
  • Financial ability to operate the café – this can include profit and loss statements for current or previous café/catering businesses;
  • How candidates intend to address Quality, Service and Cleanliness in all aspects of the restaurant operation (including Food, Beverage and Customer Experience);
  • How candidates propose to fit out the kitchen with associated equipment;
  • How candidates will offer a relevant and appealing menu for guests;
  • How candidates will operate the café considering opening hours, operations and storage. Please note that stated seasonal trading hours exist on any given day due to existing agreements with the upstairs Restaurant (‘the Balcony’) with no food or drink to be taken from one venue to another;
  • How candidates would staff the operation;
  • How candidates would market and advertise the café;
  • Any innovation that candidates believe they can bring to SBSLSC and the community.

Although it is the intention of SBSLSC to meet the above timeline, it is subject to change due to conditions beyond SBSLSC’s control. If there are changes to this timeline, they will be available on the Shelly Beach Surf Club website (see rules section below). EOI Responses will be accepted from 12pm, 21st June 2021 and close strictly at 4pm, 16th July 2021. No submissions will be accepted after this time.

EOI Rules

The following rules exist to ensure that the EOI process retains integrity from beginning to end and that all candidates have equal opportunity to put forward their best submission.

Email / Correspondence

All correspondence, including submission of EOIs, questions or RFP related information must be directed to the following email address. This email automatically forwards to members of the EOI review panel.

Information sent to SBSLSC via any other email account, postal address or any other means will not be accepted.

Probity / Integrity

Any person and/or entity found to be approaching members or associates of SBSLSC for information relating to this EOI outside of this process will be deemed to be in breach of the rules and any expression of interest will be considered null and void.

Any member of SBSLSC found to be working outside of this EOI process that could be considered as providing an unfair advantage to a candidate will face disciplinary action by way of membership expulsion.


All submissions are to be provided in PDF format. By providing submission in PDF format the process is assured of read only submissions.

Information Updates

Further information will be available at: (This Web Page)

If a question or information is deemed relevant to the success of this EOI process, then it will be published on this website so that all parties have access to information as it comes to hand. It is up to the candidates to check the website for updates as no notification will be sent directly to candidates.

Privacy & Obligations

In submitting a response to this EOI, the candidate is deemed to have acknowledged and accepted that the Trust will use the information provided at its absolute discretion as necessary in this EOI process. Candidates are obliged to keep responses confidential. 
SBSLSC is not obliged to accept any response or proposal, or to award the license to any candidate.