Documents & Policies

Surf Life Saving Australia Policies

Surf Life Saving Australia Child Safe Policy – 6.04
Surf Life Saving Australia Child Safe Commitment – 6.04A
Surf Life Saving Australia Child Safe Guideline
Surf Life Saving Australia Member Protection Policy – 6.05
Surf Life Saving Australia Complaints Resolution Policy – 6.06
Surf Life Saving Australia Privacy Policy – 6.02
Surf Life Saving Australia Use of SLSA Equipment Policy – 1.02

Shelly Beach Documents & Policies

Documents will become available as they approved via SB000 – Shelly Beach Document Management

Transfer of Competitive Rights Memo

SB000 – Document Management
SB001 – Constitution
SB002 – Shelly Beach Document Register
SB003 – Shelly Beach Logo Traditional (Available upon request)
SB004 – Shelly Beach Logo Modern (Available upon request)
SB005 – Shelly Beach Cap
SB006 – Shelly Beach Internet Configuration (Available upon request)
SB007 – Hall Hire Brochure – retired
SB008 – Communication Policy
SB009 – Shelly Beach Letterhead Template (Available upon request)
SB010 – Hall Hire Policy – retired
SB011 – Shelly Beach Letterhead Template Traditional (Available upon request)
SB012 – Shelly Beach Privacy Consent (Available upon request)
SB013 – IRB Operation Procedure (Available upon request)
SB014 – JAC Perpetual Nominations (Available upon request)
SB015 – Bronze Training Prerequisite (Available upon request)
SB016 – Sponsorship Prospectus 20130107
SB017 – Shelly Beach Membership Form (Available upon request)
SB018 – Shelly Beach Website Announcements (Available upon request)
SB019 – Membership Transfer Form (Available upon request)
SB020 – SLSA Award Summary (Available upon request)
SB021 – Shelly Beach Surf Club – Nipper Handbook 2022/2023
SB021 – Shelly Beach Surf Club – Senior Handbook 2022/2023 (under revision)
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2016/2017
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2017/2018
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2018/2019
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2019/2020
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2020/2021
SB022 – Shelly Beach Annual Report 2021/2022
SB023 – Shelly Beach Hall Hire Prices (Available upon request)
SB024 – Shelly Beach Asset Management Plan (Available upon request)
SB025 – Shelly Beach Defect Management (Available upon request)
SB026 – Shelly Beach Defect Register (Available upon request)
SB027 – Shelly Beach Defect Form (Available upon request)
SB028 – Shelly Beach Asset Register (Available upon request)
SB029 – Shelly Beach Payment Claim Management (Available upon request)
SB030 – Shelly Beach Payment Claim Form (Available upon request)
SB031 – Shelly Beach Asset Management Procedure (Available upon request)
SB032 – Board and Ski Policy
SB033 – Shelly Beach Google Calendar for Hall Hire (Available upon request)
SB034 – Shelly Beach Club House Rules (Available upon request)
SB035 – Shelly Beach Employee Timesheet (Available upon request)
SB036 – Personal Details Form (Available upon request)
SB037 – Procedure Template (Available upon request)
SB040 – Junior Board Training Policy (Available upon request)
SB041 – JAC Committee Nomination Form (Available upon request)
SB042 – Team Selection Policy
SB043 –  Emergency Evacuation Checklist (Available upon request)
SB044 – Shelly Beach Site Emergency Plan (Available upon request)
SB045 – Sponsor Thank You (Available upon request)
SB046 – Clubhouse Skateboard, Bicycle, and Scooter Policy
SB048 – Annual Report Procedure
SB049 – Bar and Dining Survey Form
SB050 – Bar Duties checklist
SB051 – SB Bar Stats Form (Available upon request)
SB052 – Shelly Beach Surf Club Caretaker Position Description (Available upon request)
SB053 – Financial Delegation of Authority
SB054 – Safe Transport Policy
SB055 – Alcohol Management Policy
SB056 – Electronic Risk Assessment
SB057 – Alcohol and Beverage Supply Policy
SB058 – Personal Craft and Club Storage Policy
SB060 – Shelly Beach SLSC Patrol Operations Manual (Available upon request)
SB061 – Shelly Beach Bar Uniform Receipt
SB062 – Shelly Beach Standard Meeting Agenda
SB063 – Related Party Interest Policy
SB064 – Club Subsidised Competition Levy Policy
SB065 – Smoke Free Policy
SB066 – ATV Usage Policy
SB069 – Life Membership nomination form
SB070 – Shelly Beach COVID-19-Safety-Plan
SB071 – Shelly Beach COVID-19 Education Policy
SB072 – Shelly Beach COVID-19 Coaching Policy
SB073 – Shelly Beach COVID-19 Competition Policy
SB074 – Shelly Beach COVID-19 Lifesaving Policy

Junior Committee Nomination Form
Senior Committee Nomination Form