Patrol Roster

Please make sure you arrange a sub with a similarly qualified member I.E. BM for BM, IRB D for IRB D, ARTC for ARTC etc – AND at the very least, Please inform your patrol Captain!!

Patrol swaps

Shelly Beach Surf Lifesaving Club will be using the Members Portal this season for substitutes.

To use this function you must have

  1. Members Portal Account—to create an account go to
  2. Be in a patrol team and meet the award requirements of the position
  3. Be rostered or patrols for a date in the future

Members can view their rosters by logging into the Members Portal Lifesaving>Lifesaving Online tab>Patrol tab.

If you need a substitute to use your members portal, click on to the day that you need a substitute, click ‘I need a substitute and a pop up will appear “do you want to request a substitute for this patrol? The screen will update and display as requesting ‘Requesting Substitute’. You can view the status of this request by clicking on the Substitutions tab.

To see who needs a sub login into Members Portal>Lifesaving  Online> patrols tab> Substitutions

To accept a patrol click ‘I can do this” and a pop up will appear “do you want to accept the substitution request on this patrol? Click Ok.

Patrol Swap – Members Guide