Shelly offers accredited courses in both Surf Life Saving & First Aid.


Bronze Medallion – pool swim 400 metres in 9 minutes or less.
Surf Rescue Certificate [src] – 200 metre pool swim in 5 minutes or less
Advanced Resuscitation Technique [artc] 15 yrs old @ date of assessment
Senior First Aid [SFA / AFA] 14 yrs old
Spinal Management 16 yrs [SFA award or Bronze Medallion]
Officials Course 16 yrs
Training Officers Course 16 yrs
Silver Medallion Beach Management 17 yrs
Level One Coaching Course 16 yrs

Please note (the small print)

The Bronze Medallion and SRC have costs involved
The Bronze course runs for approximately 8 to 10 weeks
You must be medically fit
We encourage Bronze participants to join a patrol after passing their Bronze Certificate (many hands make light work)
Other courses run at shelly will incur a cost for the certificate.
Courses run at Branch may have costs involved (Chief Instructor will advise costs when you book via the Club)
Bronze & SRC (and other awards) are required to complete an annual re-qualification

Please contact Paul Dowdell at (ph 0425 839 113)

Parents who have children in nippers are invited to attend Bronze Medal training so they can assist in water safety and for those who aren’t keen on the water are asked to attend official training…

Remember…“No-one can do everything but we can all do something…”

Shelly Beach Training Material

All training videos are now available via our YouTube Channel